Imprinted Concrete Sealing imageImprinted Concrete Sealing image

Imprinted Concrete Sealing

Because of its hard wearing properties, pattern imprinted concrete is often selected by homeowners as the preferred surface for a new driveway or patio. They are also looking for a surface that cuts down on maintenance which is frequently associated with block paving.

The imprinted concrete surface does not have any visible joints like block paving so it is easier to maintain. However, this can be misleading as it does lose its original colour over time with constant wear and exposure to sunlight. This does not take into account the general wear from tyres and footprints that will also erode the surface of the concrete over time.

It is most important to re-seal imprinted concrete once every few years to ensure the original colouring stays intact. This will also help to prevent visble surface wear and help to maintain an even appearance.

Midland Pro Wash are approved installers for Smartseal sealers in the Birmingham and West Midlands. We recommend using Smartseal paving sealers on imprinted concrete to give the surface better protection over a longer period of time.

See a gallery of images showing imprinted concrete restoration by clicking here.

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